Welcome to Onelab Diversions
Home Visit the Webcam Picture Gallery You are here Send us Mail Here is a list I have compiled of Fun Stuff to do:
  • You can test out your brain at the self proclamed World's largest trivia site. Trivia
  • LifeSavers has a web page with some nifty games you can play.Nifty Games
  • Paper Card model FAQ gives instructions on the art of paper card modeling. It's just like plastic modeling but you only need a color printer (BW will do in a pinch), scisors and white glue. CARD MODEL FAQ
  • Planning on becoming a Super-Hero? Lee's(usless) Super-Hero Generator can help you figure out the details.
  • If your into online roleplaying use openrpg to get with friends.
  • What does your phone number spell? This website has the answer.

If the above suggestions don't intrigue you, you may be interested in www.Bored.com They have a substantial list for you to look through.

If you have any sugestions click on the e-mail button and let me know.